Triangles are the strongest shape. But they're also the simplest.

At Hypotenuse Labs, this is our approach to building products.

We believe that the strongest solutions are both elegant and simple.

We’ll get you from problem to solution in a way that’s clean, straightforward, and sustainable in the long-run.



We take time to thoroughly understand your goals, problems and use-cases. This helps us determine where we can deliver value for you. Your goals become our goals.


Planning & Roadmapping

We work together to review your business needs in-depth and map out a path to potential solutions. You’ll get an actionable project plan. This includes: timeline estimates, feature specifications, and architecture designs.



With our talented team, we collaborate with you to bring your project plan to life. You’ll be part of our sprint demos so that you’re always in the loop. After successfully iterating and testing, we ship the solution to your users.


Review & Handoff

On project completion, we provide runbooks and documentation to ensure smooth handoff.

We’re available for longer-term monthly engagements to level up your product as your business grows.

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