Why We’re Here

After working for the top tech companies in the world, we decided to gather the smartest people we knew to start a company that builds software for the future.

Since 2018, we’ve been collaborating with startups to design, build, and deliver elegant products to their customers.

Products that are one-of-a-kind and built to last; products that anyone would be hyped about.

We're helping companies in blockchain. machine learning. decentralized finance. legaltech. luxury e-commerce. artifical intelligence. musictech.

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Our Leadership Team

Anthony Zhang

As a lover of all things tech, Anthony ensures that Hypotenuse continues to deliver sustainable business solutions to clients. His influence in software spans from his legendary uWaterloo course notes to his work at Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, and Mozilla. Anthony is also passionate about hardware and has a laundry list of 50+ projects he wants to bring to life.

Matthew Reyes

With a keen eye for detail, Matt helps Hypotenuse achieve operational and financial success. He’s a former data scientist for Uber’s uberPOOL team and Snap Inc’s advertising revenue team. He’s also a one-man band - playing drums, percussion, steel pans, piano, guitar, bass, and more. Matt hopes to one day open his own music production studio.

Calvin Chan

Driven by human connection, Calvin builds the collaborative partnerships that make high-impact products possible. He’s a former software engineer at AWS, working on distributed systems on the Network Operations team. As an experienced drummer, Calvin’s dream is to tour the world with death metal bands and is scheduled for his first European tour in Fall 2021.

Our Values

We’re obsessed with exciting, high-impact projects, and we bring this passion to our team, clients, and products that we build.
We believe in building relationships based on understanding, and strive to create genuine connections with our team and clients.
Work whenever and wherever you want. Employees have the freedom to chose when and how they are most productive.
We are a tight-knit team that always looks out for each other, whether that’s by way of memes, jokes, or a perfectly timed GIF.
We hold ourselves and each other to a high bar. We celebrate achievements and always aim to be exceptional at what we do.
We are straightforward, direct, and truthful. We welcome feedback with open arms and always seek to find the best solutions.

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